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  • Joint call to support MEP Liliana Rodrigues report on “Empowering girls through education”

    [Brussels, 3 September 2015] The European Women’s Lobby and other civil society and human rights organisations call on Members of the European Parliament to support the report by MEP rapporteur Lililana Rodrigues on “Empowering girls through education in the EU” in the plenary vote on 8 September.
    This report proposes actions to ensure that all national education systems promote gender equality, raise girls’ profiles and skills and ultimately improve their personal and professional (...) Read more

  • Joint declaration of women’s & LGBTI organisations for peace

    [Ankara, 1 September 2015] The European Women’s Lobby endorses the following statement by local women’s and LGBTI organisations in Turkey, made on 1 September 2015.
    We Call Upon Everyone to Join Us "We, the women of this country, desire peace. How many more generations must suffer the atrocities of war and conflict? What are we to do with all of this pain and suffering, for which there is no recompense? Virtually moments before the elections the government announced that it had “frozen” (...) Read more

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