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"A Bic for Her" - Bridget Christie wins International Comedy festival 2013

(Brussels 26 August) The Edinburgh international comedy festival prize for best act 2013 has been won by British comedian Bridget Christie. ab 2608 abicforher4Her stand-up comedy show is called ’A Bic for Her’ has been described as an hour of feminist comedy which is "as full of imaginative jokes as it is of righteous anger"’ - in which she lampoons the pen manufacturer BICs attempt to produce separate pens for women. This is the starting point for an act in which she combines gags with observational comedy.

Christie accepted her award in a t-shirt emblazoned with the words ’No More Page 3’ - using the international platform as an opportunity to continue her activism against the publication of topless women on page.3 of British tabloid newspapers.

We would like to congratulate Bridget Christie and look forward to enjoying more of her work.

Here is an image of the Bic produced and targeted at women with the following promises and colour range:

  • Elegant design - just for her!
  • Thin barrel to fit a woman’s hand

ab 2608 abicforher 2

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