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Book Launch: No time for children?

(Brussels 10 May) No Time for Children? Demographers agree: we are entering a period of steady population decline.

  • What impact on the labour market?
  • On Children?
  • On Women?
  • On Reconciling Work and Family Life?

While much of the world worries about increasing population, this book looks the other way. It highlights the dramatic fall in fertility rates in all regions of the world.

Demographers suggest that by 2050 this will lead to population decline. While environmentally this may be welcomed, there may also be negative impacts on our economies: less workers, an increasing number of elderly, and more unwanted childlessness.

Given that fertility trends are not easy to reverse, the book concludes that more needs to be done to maximize the potential of all children; particularly those who have been at the margins of society.

The book is the result of rigorous global research, looking for answers also in relation to the ageing population problem of Europe, and the shrinking workforce.

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