Contribution to the Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities Working Group on Women and the Media (April 2010)

The EWL in April 2010 submitted a first Contribution to the Working Group on Women and Media of the European Commission Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities between Women and Men. With input from the EWL Working Group on Women and the Media and the full EWL membership, this Contribution responds to the following questions:

1. How can we define stereotypical roles in media communications and in which way theses ‘clichés’ have their influence on women in their professional as well as private life?

2. How could women’s equal participation in expression and decision-making in and through the media be promoted?

3. How could balanced and diverse portrayals of women and men in the media be promoted?

4. How could the media be an active partner in the promotion of gender equality?

5. What is the current impact and future potential of new media technologies in terms of women and the media?

6. What could be the added value of EU action (for instance awareness raising, studies, statistics …) given that its scope is limited to supportive actions?

Download the full Contribution:

ewl 1st contribution to advisory committee on equal opportunities for wg on women and the media

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