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Croatian President Ivo Josipović becomes Friend of the European Women’s Lobby

[Brussels, 21 November, 2013] The EWL is very honoured to announce the support of Ivo Josipović, President of the Republic of Croatia, for the EWL’s work and ideals. Together, with the support of all our Friends, the EWL is commited to continue to promote women’s rights in relation to violence, equal pay, parity and many more areas ! Find the letter of support of Mr. Ivo Josipović here.

Dear ladies of the European Women’s Lobby,

Since 1 July 2013, Croatia has been part of the great European family. One of the values that I consider part of Europe’s cultural and political area is gender equality. It implies, in the first place, equality of women, constant struggle against discrimination and fighting all forms of violence against women. All this ranks high on my political and work agenda, and in the policy I advocate as President of the Republic of Croatia. I am a friend of the European Women’s Lobby since we want to achieve the same : equality, non-violence and prohibition of any discrimination against women.

In particular, I support the European Women’s Lobby when it works, at the highest European level, on implementing the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe. The Convention deals with preventing domestic violence and offering adequate protection to victims. With respect to implementation of the objectives of the Istanbul Convention, the European Women’s Lobby and I share the same objectives. Therefore, I endorse your proposal for 2016 to become a European Year to End Violence against Women. Likewise, I support the 50/50 Campaign championing stronger involvement of women in political life both nationally and at the EU level. There is no true democracy without equal participation of women in the decision-making process at key positions.

I want you to persevere in your work so that women in all the countries of the European Union may be able to enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities as men, not only declaratively but in reality.

Cordially, Ivo Josipović President of the Republic of Croatia

For more information on the 50/50 campaign, please visit our campaign website.

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