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Das palavras à ação! 2016: will it be a feminist year in Portugal?

[Lisbon, 6 January 2016, from EWL Portuguese Members] No início de 2016 não analisamos o último ano, mas sim os últimos 20 anos! At the beginning of the year people usually look back and identify the most relevant events of the previous year. The Portuguese Platform just did the same but extended its look back to the last 20 years! 1995-2015, a commitment with women’s empowerment, Portugal in analysis by the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights has just been published.

Following the launch in October 2014, in Lisbon, of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) report “1995-2015: From Words to Action” which assesses the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in Europe, 20 years after its adoption by the international community, the Portuguese report addresses the issues, specifically, the Portuguese context.

This report aims to:
- be an information and awareness raising instrument on the Beijing Platform for Action in Portugal;
- identify the main gaps still remaining regarding the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Beijing Platform for Action in Portugal;
- present recommendations, warnings and claims to all individuals and organizations with political responsibilities in the areas covered by the Beijing Platform for Action in Portugal.

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