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Dublin skyline says ’Turn Off the Red Light’

[Dublin, 22 October 2012] Ireland’s “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign which is seeking legislation targeting sex buyers has literally taken its message to the skies of Dublin, with a banner dominating the city centre.

Commuters crossing one of Dublin’s busiest bridges and on the main route to the Airport all pass the banner which focuses on the age girls enter prostitution with the catch line “Anna was 14”. Passers by are guided to Facebook, Twitter #Annawas14 and a link which allows them to email Irish politicians with three clicks of a mouse.

The banner will remain in place for one month on Liberty Hall, the HQ of
Ireland’s largest union SIPTU.

The message is the same as that successfully used during a summer
billboard campaign. The banner marks the culmination of events to mark EU Anti Trafficking Day in Ireland, which was used to rally supporters across the country and to generate media coverage.

Ireland is currently reviewing its prostitution laws with politicians
carrying out a public consultation. 61 organisations including leading
trade unions, the Immigrant Council of Ireland, farming bodies, groups
representing survivors and many more are seeking Swedish type laws and campaign under the banner “Turn Off the Red Light”.

Turn Off the Red Light is a partner of the EWL campaign ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’.

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