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EU Commission calls on the Hungarian authorities to stop anti-abortion campaign

[Brussels, 10 June 2011] The European Commission in Strasbourg made a clear statement that the outrageous Hungarian anti-abortion ad campaign, partly financed by the EU, needs to be withdrawn. After several NGOs, among which the Hungarian Women’s Lobby, expressed their sharp critiques and issued complaints, the ad showing a foetus with the words ‘Let me live’ attracted the attention of MEPs. Sylvie Guillaume, an S&D MEP, issued her concern and raised the case during a plenary debate with the EC Vice-president Viviane Reding.

In reply Commissioner Reding, took a stance on the issue by amplifying that the anti-abortion campaign cannot be an expression of the European values. Moreover, Ms Reding stated, “this campaign is not in line with the Progress programme and it is not in line with the project proposal submitted to the Commission services by the Hungarian authorities”. The Commission also asked the Hungarian authorities to immediately withdraw the campaign without further delay and for all existing posters to be removed.

In case no measures are instantaneously taken by the Hungarian government, the Commission threatens to start procedures to terminate the ground agreement. These procedures could have various consequences for the Hungarian authorities including some financial ones.

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