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EWL Spanish members question national policies on prostitution, Madrid conference, 20 December 2012

[Madrid, 29 November 2012] On 20 December 2012, CELEM, the Spanish Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), will organise a conference on the issue of prostitution, in order to fuel the debate and set the tone of current and future discussion at national and local level in Spain.

In a context of divergent approaches in Spain, with on the one hand local campaigns targeting the sex buyers (Madrid, Sevilla), and on the other hand the recent opening of prostitution schools (Valencia), it is urgent for Spain to get into a political debate and take time to learn more about the reality of prostitution. This is why CELEM has decided to organize a conference with experts and decision-makers.

When discussing prostitution, it is first very important to get deeper knowledge of what we are talking about: this is why the conference will first look at the different actors involved in the system of prostitution, through presentations about the links between prostitution and equality between women and men, about the impact of prostitution on women’s health, the role of men, and examples of NGOs’ mobilisation in Spain and France.

Participants will then get the opportunity to get information about the various policy approaches to prostitution, through an EWL’s presentation of the situation in Europe, a concrete contribution on the evolving situation in France and its potential impact on Spain, and perspectives at EU level.

This event comes at a momentum, after the EWL European conference on prostitution (on 4 December in the European Parliament in Brussels). It will build on the outcomes of EWL’s conference, and set the scene for a stronger NGO mobilization on 2013, most of them having signed the Brussels’ call, which is the key manifesto setting up the European abolitionist movement (the Brussels’ call will be unveiled at the EWL conference on 4 Dec.).

To find out more about the detailed programme, the venue of the conference, and to register, please download the programme here.

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