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EWL and MEPs join forces to increase representation of women in next European legislature

[Brussels, 25 September 2012] Members of the European Parliament alliance for women in decision-making last week reaffirmed their commitment to the EWL’s 50/50 Campaign for Democracy and called on their MEP colleagues to join the coalition ahead of the 2014 European Elections. At their second meeting this year, the members of the cross-party alliance also agreed on further actions to make parity democracy a reality in the context of the upcoming European Parliament Elections and related appointments to the European Commission and EU Top Jobs.

The next 50/50 coalition meeting will take place in Strasbourg in the week of the 24th of October.

The EWL lead already a 50/50 Campaign ahead of the EU elections in 2009 under the slogan: “No Modern European Democracy without gender equality”. The EWL believes that to establish a just democracy requires the representation of all Europeans, both women and men in the making of decisions that affect their lives. It is a prerequisite to reinforcing the democratic legitimacy of the EU and this requires equal representation. The EWL project “Minority Women - Equal Votes – Equal Voices” will be a complementary tool for 50/50 Campaign of the EWL as members of the European Parliament will mentor women of foreign origin or from an ethnic minority group who participate in national or local politics (mentees). The outcome of this project should be that the mentees can run for the EP elections and, if elected, enhance the representation of women from ethnic minorities in the Parliament post-2014.

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