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EWL and its Belgian members celebrate International Women’s Day on the Bridge!

[Brussels, 09 March 2012] EWL secretariat and EWL members in Belgium took part in the demonstration ’Women on the bridge’ in Brussels to celebrate the International Women’s Day. On 08 March, at lunch time, almost 200 women, activists or members of various women’s organisations, gathered on the Sainctelette Bridge to share their voices and recall that women’s rights need to be promoted again and again. ’As long as there is no equality between women and men, there will be an International Women’s Day’!

EWL member organisations from the EWL Belgian coordination were among the organisers of the demostration, and they were present with banners, flyers, mottos and music, to celebrate the feminist struggle, its past victories and remind the way still to go to realise equality between women and men.

In Brussels, the aim of this peaceful demonstration was two-fold: to
demand attention to the consequences of the financial crisis for women
world-wide and to call for vigilance as times of crisis create a
breeding ground for conservative movements.

’No to forced marriage’, ’Women don’t want to pay for the crisis’,
’Yes to equal pay’, ’No to poverty’, ’For the right to abort’, ’Stop
FGM’... are some of the many messages carried forward and hopefully taken on board by the media which attended the event.

The EWL is happy to have taken part to the global action ’Join women
on the brige’ which gathered thousands of women around the world on
the International Women’s Day 2012.

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