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EWL joins Asylum Aid’s call for a strong gender perspective in the work of the UK Border Agency

[Brussels, 05 October 2011] The European Women’s Lobby has given its support to a letter addressed to the new Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency calling for implementation of commitments made in the Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum. The letter, drafted by Asylum Aid, has the backing of 160 other organisations.

In the letter, Asylum Aid appeals for commitments made by Ministers and Senior Officials to be reflected in a change of culture throughout the UK Border Agency. The organisation also takes the opportunity of the appointment of Mr. Whiteman to propose that the UK Border Agency:

  • makes gender equality in the asylum process a key strategic priority;
  • ensures that the Agency’s performance measurement framework on asylum takes full account of gender;
  • undertakes an equality analysis of all the reforms proposed as part of the Asylum Improvement Project;
  • uses any opportunity of political scrutiny of the asylum system to substantiate the UKBA’s commitment to a gender-sensitive asylum system.

These proposals build on the work already undertaken by the UK Border Agency to promote the rights of women seeking asylum, and if taken forward will enable the UK Border Agency to achieve the culture change that Asylum Aid and the EWL believe essential if the UK asylum system is to be made genuinely gender sensitive.

Download the letter in PDF format:

letter to new chief exec ukba sept 2011

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