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EWL list elements of an efficient EU awareness-raising campaign to end violence against women

[Brussels, 29 March 2012] As the European Commission is reflecting on a possible European-wide awareness-raising campaign to end violence against women in Europe, the European Women’s Lobby has identified the key conditions for an effective campaign.

The EWL wants to see a long-term and well-funded campaign, which is based on a comprehensive definition of violence against women, targets various groups, includes the Member States, involves and supports women’s NGOs and is coordinated by an EU Coordinator to End Violence against Women and Girls.

In order for an EU awareness-raising campaign on violence against women to demonstrate its EU added-value, the following seven key conditions need to be at place:

  1. The EU action must be based on a clear and comprehensive definition of violence against women.
  2. The EU campaign must convey the messages that violence against women is a violation of women’s human rights, and is a cause and consequence of the structural inequality between women and men.
  3. The EU campaign should address a variety of targets and develop specific tools for each target group.
    3a. The EU campaign must encourage EU Member States to take action to eradicate violence against women and commit to the struggle by setting national targets for the 6Ps.
    3b. The EU campaign should provide target groups with concrete proposals for action and change, taking into account the barriers that some people might face.
  4. The EU campaign should be designed and implemented as a long-term action based on a coordinated and holistic approach and be coordinated by an EU Coordinator to end violence against women and girls.
  5. The EU campaign must be supported by an additional, specific and sustainable funding, and should provide financial and other support to awareness raising activities at national level.
  6. The EU action should develop a framework for elaboration and implementation, comprise a diversity of activities, be evidence-based and involve and support NGOs.
  7. The EU action should convey positive and concrete messages.

You can find the EWL’s contribution here.

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