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EWL stands with our sisters across Poland

The EWL has been dismayed to hear of the intention of the Government in Poland to progress its ban on abortion.

We recognise that the vast majority of legal abortions in Poland are for reason of fatal foetal abnormality – i.e., cases where a much-wanted life is lost. Such tragedy should never be compounded by needing to seek back-alley surgery that further risks the health and life of the woman involved. Indeed, Poland has one of the highest rates of illegal abortions in the European Union. No woman should ever have to endure such trauma and unnecessary risk.

At the EWL we know the best way to prevent abortion is to legislate for its safe provision, while also offering free access to contraceptives and comprehensive sexuality education. Unless these steps are taken, the Government is only forcing abortion practice into dark corners and making them less visible but far more dangerous.

We are with the women of Poland and all those who continue to fight on the ground to see free, safe, legal access to abortion services for every woman in Europe.

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