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EWL urges European parties to stand up for parity democracy

[Brussels, 22 November 2013] In the crucial phase before the European elections in May 2014, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) urged this week the European parties to support our 50/50 Campaign, by signing the Joint Declarationand encouraging their party members to do so.

While national party leaders do have a crucial role in setting up the candidate lists and thereby determine the number of women, the European parties can not only raise awareness for this cause, but also influence decisions taken on national level. To sign the Joint Declaration and to internalise its requests will be a strong signal for Parity Democracy in Europe.

Times of European elections are more than important to highlight the issues that matter for European citizens. Our analysis is that many issues, which are of direct concern for women and for the realisation of gender equality, are not given the priority they deserve. While we have seen some progress, equal representation of women and men in decision-making, with still 65% men members of the European Parliament, is still far from being reached. The EWL, with the support of all European parties and European citizens, women and men can make a difference. One step is to sign the Joint Declaration and to vote for equality at the EU elections in 2014.

We are confident that the contacted parties will do their utmost to ensure an equal representation of women and men in the next European Parliament and to put gender equality at the heart of their priorities. We will, of course, follow-up the parties’ engagement on this cause and keep you posted about their actions on our Campaign Website.

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