Equal Rights, Equal Voices. Migrant Women in the European Union (2007)

This publication is the result of a three-day event
“ Equal Rights, Equal Voices - Migrant women in
the European Union ” organised by the European
Women’s Lobby in Brussels. A European public
Seminar, gathering women leaders within migrant
communities across Europe and other actors active
in the fi eld of immigration, took place on the 19th
of January 2007. This was followed by workshops in
closed sessions where the migrant women had the
full opportunities to debate around key integration
issues (20-21 January).

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The issue of immigration is a critical area of concern
in Europe particularly for women as not only is this
policy being pursued in the framework of security
and border control, it is above all an issue that is
gender neutral. The human rights dimension of migration
policy in Europe is seriously lacking. Women
now account for more than 45% of the migrant
population in the European Union. Despite their
contribution to economic and social development
in EU Member States, they experience high levels of
poverty, social exclusion and violence and still tend
to be invisible in the European debate in the field
of integration/immigration.

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