2009 EP Elections

European Elections 2009: Most Political Parties Lagging Behind in the Road towards Gender Equality! (May 2009)

As part of its 50/50 Campaign, the EWL published on 20 May 2009 a Gender Audit Report of Electoral Lists and Political Programmes, in view of the European elections of 4-7 June 2009.

The Gender Audit looks at political programmes and electoral lists for the European elections from a women’s rights perspective. It evaluates the political parties’ commitment to gender equality in view of the European Parliament elections 2009 and encourages voters to be involved in European politics.

The report concludes that most political parties do not consider equality between women and men as a key priority n light of the European elections 2009, despite the strong competence of the European Union in the area.

Download the full report:

gender audit report 2009

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