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European Grassroots Antiracist Movement tests nightlife places in Europe

[Press relase by EGAM, Paris, 10 May 2014] European Testing Night in nightlife places : 1/4 of people discriminated because of the color of their skin. The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement – EGAM has conducted, simultaneously in 7 countries throughout the continent, the European Testing* Night to fight racial discrimination in nightlife places.

The action has shown the violent state-of-the-art of racial discrimination in Europe today : one fourth of Arab, Roma, Black,… individuals living in Europe cannot have access to nightlife places because the color of their skin.

The civil society is mobilized on the ground to fight for equality

The Testing campaign has been conducted in 7 countries simultaneously : Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia,…

In one fourth of the cases, Arab, Roma, Black, people were not allowed to enter while their White counterparts were.

Civil society activists throughout the continent have shown their strong attachment to the value of equality. When it comes to promote the fundamental European values, citizens act with solidarity, showing why and how to be together in Europe.

The danger of far right and abstention for the European elections

This very violent situation does not come by chance, but it is the result of the increasing influence far right parties have had for years in Europe, which brings along with it racist discourse, acceptance of racist acts and racial discrimination.

Therefore it is important to prevent these parties from entering the European parliament and from benefiting of an increased influence.

Citizens need to go to the polls for the European elections and vote for democratic parties, and these parties need to get involved very clearly and very effectively for democracy and its democratic values.

Full press release and more info here

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