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European Institute for Gender Equality presents its work in the field of ’gender-based violence’

[Brussels, 12 April 2012] In the end of March 2012, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) presented its work on ’gender-based violence’ to a network of stakeholders working on statistics. European Women’s Lobby was invited to take part, together with a few other NGOs.

Two EIGE studies on gender-based violence were presented: the study of sexual violence, conducted by the EWL in 2011, and the study on female genital mutilation, which should be finalised soon. In addition, there are two studies on domestic violence under preparation - one focusing on support services for victims of domestic violence and one on good practices.

The meeting gave the opportunity to receive information from other ongoing European research projects regarding violence against women. Eurostat’s victimisation survey called ’Safety Survey’ (SASU) should start the data collection in 2013 in all EU countries. The Fundamental Rights Agency is working on a survey on violence against women, for which over 40.000 women (18 and older) will be interviewed in 28 countries on their experience of violence, consequences, rights awareness and support services, etc. The results of the FRA Survey are expected in the second semester of 2013.

Besides these EU initiatives, some national experiences on Member States’ work on gender-based violence were presented (Italy, Estonia and Bulgaria).

In the afternoon, world- café type meetings were organised to discuss how to address data collection, analysis and dissemination in the field of gender-based violence; how EIGE activities can answer some of the needs of the member states in terms of data and information; and how to foster cooperation between EIGE and the actors involved in data collection, analysis and dissemination of gender-based violence.

Virginia Langbak, the director of EIGE, also explained that EIGE is building a database on women and men in the EU and a virtual documentation centre on good practices and resources, including the development of new knowledge at EU level on the issue of gender based violence.


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