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G7 Summit: Our call to world leaders

The European Women’s Lobby joins ONE Campaign and other organisations working on gender equality and human rights in this open letter addressed to the world leaders gathered for the G7 Summit in Biarritz. We call them to take actions for gender equality, including through ambitious financial, policy and legislative commitments.

[Brussels, 26 August 2019]

Dear leaders,

Four years ago, the world came together to adopt the most ambitious goals humanity has ever set, the Global Goals, set to be achieved in 2030 at the latest. At the heart of this was an unwavering commitment to ensuring women and girls are given the same opportunities as men and boys.

But today, with just a decade to go until 2030, not a single country has met these targets.

The reality is that a baby born today will not see a world where all girls have access to a quality education, are safe from sexual violence, live lives free from HIV, have access to basic financial services, or are paid the same as men.

If we continue down this path, it will take another 108 years before gender equality has been achieved for all. So today we say enough is enough.

Leaders, as you come together in Biarritz this August, you have the opportunity - and the responsibility - to step up to this challenge, and lead the fight for gender equality worldwide.

To do this, we call on you to make ambitious financial, policy and legislative commitments - underpinned by real, independent monitoring mechanisms - that catalyse change for women and girls worldwide.

For too long, we have seen empty promises, not real progress. The women and girls fighting on the frontline - those battling for better health care, quality education, economic empowerment and lives free of sexual violence - need your actions, not your words.

Now is the moment to step up to this challenge, and be on the right side of history. We hope we can count on your support.

Check signatory organisations here.

Picture courtesy of ONE Campaign

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