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Inspiring EWL webinar on ‘Women and the environment : what’s the link?’, 19 June 2015

[Brussels, 19 June 2015] As part of its Year of Action on Beijing+20, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) held its first webinar on the issue of women and the environment, to celebrate World Environment Day in June. Five inspiring presenters were invited to bring different perspectives in the links between women and the environment, and feed into EWL’s reflection and recommendations. You can watch the webinar below, and read some of the tweets quoting our presenters.

Why should women and environment be linked? Why is it important for women’s organisations to address the environmental issues? Ilona Graenitz, Austrian Coordination – Presentation of EWL factsheet from EWL report on Beijing+20 ‘From words to action’

“Western lifestyle won’t be possible for much longer, but it doesn’t mean we’ll have less interesting or fruitful lives”

“Women are disproportionately affected by climate & environment degradation. No gender equality without change of society”

“Women decide what/where/when to buy in the household: crucial role in waste management”

Why it is important for environmental groups to be active on women’s empowerment? Jenny Hawley, Friends of the Earth – Presentation of a book on women’s empowerment, part of Friends of the Earth project Big Ideas Change the World

"If we don’t transform society, we can’t hit our environmental goals"

“Achieving environmental and gender goals both require new economic, political and social systems”

“Achieving gender equality within the environment movement is simply the right thing to do”

Alternative feminist visions: sustainable feminist economics Helene Ahlborg, Doctor in environmental science, Chalmers University of Technology

“Les féministes doivent réaliser le lien entre justice sociale et changement climatique : pas d’égalité femmes-hommes sans économie verte”

"Growth = economic dependence = exploitation / degrowth = economic instability = social injustice: Need a new non-violent society”

“Same logic and world view that exploits women, also exploits the environment”

Portugal: differentiated impact of climate change on women in Europe Justin Roborg-Söndergaard, Caring for the Future Foundation of the Graal, member of the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights (PpDM)

"We can’t continue to work in silos to bring about change in economy, the environment and women’s rights”

“Women must be given the tools to play an active role in fighting climate change in the daily life”

COP21: concrete steps towards feminist climate change action The mobilisation of women’s organisations Yveline Nicolas, Adequations (member of the French group ‘Gender and sustainable development’ together with the French national coordination of EWL, CLEF)

Read the position of the French women’s organisations for COP21

“Environmental NGOs are often gender-blind. Need to convince them of the importance of gender equality”

“Remember not to consider women as a homogenous group in terms of level of consumption, health, engagement etc.”

Comments from the moderator Pierrette Pape (EWL):

"Only Mexico gave a gender perspective of climate change in its contribution to COP21"

“Environment debate is still dominated by male, imposing male perspective & male understanding of climate change”

Comment from the tweeter sphere:

“We need to transform society! A mountain of reasons for it packed with a lot of knowledge from women’s rights NGO on how to make it!”

“I’m listening to ’From Words To Actions’ Webinar by @EuropeanWomen - oh my, how I love the possibilities of the Internet”

Thanks to all :)

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