Joint Factsheet on Women and Migration (February 2010)

The European Women’s Lobby and the European Network of Migrant Women drafted jointly with the Research center METICES of the Free University of Brussels and the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) a factsheet on women and migration. The purpose of this fact sheet is to raise awareness among members of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) on the impact of migration policies on migrant women and the need to integrate a gender perspective in migration, integration and asylum

This fact sheet will enhance the capacity of ENAR members to develop mechanisms to document and address
the gender gaps in immigration/integration policies in their work. It provides an overview on the state of play
of the debate, by defining the key target groups and issues at stake, as well as challenging the dominant
public perception of migrant women. Following sections look into the international and European political
agenda by outlining the key international human rights instruments for protecting women’s rights, and the
current European developments in migration, integration and asylum policies by mapping the challenges
faced by migrant women in the European Union. Finally the different civil society activities that are taking
place in this area are outlined.

Download the full fact sheet:

joint factsheet enar gender and migration en

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