Josette Dijkhuizen, Dutch UN Women’s Representative

Josette Dijkhuizen is the Dutch UN Women’s Representative (UNWR) 2013.

The governmental delegation of The Netherlands to the UN General Assembly includes a national UN Women’s Representative (UNWR), who address the yearly sessions of the General Assembly of the UN in a 7 minute statement on a subject of her choice.

Every year another women is selected to be a nations UNWR, an honorary position.

The Netherlands have a UNWR on their governments delegation since 1948 – due to an initiative of Her Majesty Queen Juliana . An UNWR helps to set the political agenda regarding issues that are important to many women.

It is like UNWR 2012 Kirsten van der Hul said: “Are you familiar with the butterfly effect? Basically, it explains how something small can change it all. According to the laws of chaotic dynamics, a butterfly flapping its wings could lead to a hurricane. But then again, it could also prevent it. Being an eternal optimist, I like to focus on the latter. How can something small change it all – for the better”.

- Link website:
- Video: To view Jossette Dijkhuizen while addressing Assembly of UN:, starts at 2.14.13 (at first you’ll also hear part of an Arab translation).

UNWR 2013 Josette Dijkhuizen started the Dutch project ‘Krachtbedrijf’, in cooperation with Federatie Opvang, to empower female victims of domestic violence, to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. She will host a theme table at the COE-EWL meeting on December 16th, in The Hague.

Josette Dijkhuizen’s Statement in English can be downloaded here.

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