Keep pushing! - The European Parliament adopted the resolution on the maternity leave directive

[Brussels, 20 May 2015] With a large majority, MEP’s gathered in plenary adopted today the resolution on the Maternity leave, calling on the Commission not to withdraw the draft EU directive from 2008 by 419 votes to 97 (161 abstentions). Doing so, they reiterate their willingness to get out of the deadlock we have been facing for four years and urge the ministers to resume talks and agree an official position.

"What kind of Europe are we living in, if those who create life here are penalised? What kind of Europe are we living in, if giving birth is synonymous with poverty? We cannot help mothers by simply throwing away this directive”, said rapporteur Maria Arena (S&D, BE). Since 1992, when the maternity leave directive was approved, we have made no progress. Women can’t wait, they deserve, if they so wish, to be women, mothers and workers at the same time without being discriminated", she added.

Nevertheless, the threat of the withdrawal of the directive still hangs over the working mothers in Europe. Indeed, if the Commission does withdraw the draft, it has been asked to table a new legislative initiative, with the high risk of leading to a law protection of women’s rights and health.

This is no time to give up! Raise your voice for equality by signing our petition here

Useful links:

- Find the EP press release here

- The adopted text

- EP Infographic on the state of affairs of maternity and paternity leave in EU Member States


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