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MAMY ROCK, the star of this year’s Festival of Europe in Brussels!

[Brussels, 08 May 2012] While the EWL will be in Budapest for its General Assembly, our favourite “grandma DJ”, Ruth Flowers – alias
Mamy Rock, will perform in Brussels on 12 May as part of Europe Day celebrations for the year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. Read the Press Release below:

On May 12th at 5.30 pm, Luxembourg Square, on the doorstep of the European Parliament in Brussels, will
turn into a giant outdoor disco. For more than one hour, the most famous “grandma DJ”, Ruth Flowers – alias
Mamy Rock, will play an exclusive set, as part of the Festival of Europe, the annual Open Day of the EU
institutions in Brussels.

The organisers of the festival have published an interview with her, sharing her thoughts about Active Ageing
and Solidarity between Generations, the themes of the European Year 2012. Here are some extracts:

What prompted you to accept this invitation to take part in the
Festival of Europe 2012?

Ruth Flowers: The theme of this year’s gathering appeals to me. If I
can help get the message across through music, helping people
understand that just because we get older doesn’t mean we stop
functioning, then I’ll be really happy knowing that I have helped
bring the younger and older generations closer together. Maybe
Europe can be an example to the world – let this be the start of
something big.

What would you say to people who think that life ends at 60?

Ruth Flowers: I’d say, don’t even give it a thought, eat well and
exercise. Health and fitness are of course a factor in how much we
enjoy our lives, take an interest in new ventures, even take up new
studies, music for instance, a great way of taking on a challenge.
Join a choir, another way of meeting new people and finding a new
interest in one’s later years, or get involved in book clubs or poetry
readings, all great ways of finding an interest. There is something
out there for each one of us, so when you have time in your later
years to indulge in a new adventure, go for it!

To read the whole interview with Mamy Rock, please visit the Festival of Europe webpage.

With more then 80 gigs in less than 2 years in the biggest clubs & festivals in the world, (Paris, Ibiza, Los-
Angeles, New-York, Tokyo, Glastonburry, Cannes Festival, Puerto-Rico, Italia, Spain, Germany…),
MAMYROCK has became an unexpected phenomenon of Active Aging & Musical Culture.

For 2012, The highlight will be:

  • On April, Australia tour with 5 dates.
  • On May to celebrate the europeen year theme at Bruxelles for the EUROPEEN PARLIAMENT.
  • A huge Beach Party to celebrate the begining of the
    summer at Lima in Peru.
  • USA & Canada Tour in preparation & the release of her new track recorded in Los-
    Angeles « 69 »… & you what will you do at 69 ?

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Tel: + 33 1 83 62 10 10

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