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  • SOLIDARITY with our sisters in Turkey who are detained!

    SOLIDARITY with our sisters in Turkey who are detained!

    [Ankara, 6 July 2017, Statement via our members in Turkey] Ten women & human rights defenders including members of the Turkish Women’s Coalition, İlknur Üstün, one of the founding members of the EWL Coordination for Turkey, and Nalan Erkem were detained yesterday (5 July 2017).
    UPDATE 18/07/2017: The court ruled the release of 4 right defenders with judicial control decision: Nalan, Nejat, İlknur (General coordinator of Turkish Women’s Coalition) and Şeyhmus. The court imposed ban on leaving (...) Read more

  • Hommage à Simone Veil, une femme de conviction. Nous lui devons tant!

    Hommage à Simone Veil, une femme de conviction. Nous lui devons tant!

    [30 juin 2017, Communiqué de presse, la CLEF] Aujourd’hui, vendredi 30 juin 2017, les féministes et les femmes françaises pleurent une grande femme de l‘histoire de la France contemporaine.
    Survivante de la Shoah, avec l’esprit d’indépendance qui la caractérise, Simone Veil a été une femme libre et engagée dans tous les domaines familial, professionnel, social et politique. La cause des femmes a été une priorité dans ses actions publiques. Affrontant la désapprobation de ses pair-e-s, elle obtiendra de (...) Read more

  • On the Engender: Scotland’s feminist policy podcast

    On the Engender: Scotland's feminist policy podcast

    [Edinburgh, 26 June 2017] On the Engender is Scotland’s feminist policy podcast, produced by EWL members of Engender and featuring the voices of experts from across Scotland’s women’s sector. The podcast explores issues relating to women’s equality in Scotland, from local democracy to reproductive rights, and from the criminal justice system to care reform.
    The third episode of the podcast was launched on June 26, focusing on "On The Engender Gender Matters in Social Security". Previous (...) Read more

  • Polish Women’s Lobby against morning-after pill limitations

    Polish Women's Lobby against morning-after pill limitations

    [Gdansk, 28 June 2017] We, the representatives of Network of East-West Women, speak up in the name of member organizations of the Polish Women’s Lobby. We would like to share our deep concern regarding the reproductive rights being more and more challenged in Poland. The most recent occurrence we record would be the legislation act which is practically banning the open access to the emergency post-coital contraceptive pill (widely recognized as ‘morning-after’ or ‘24-horus after’ pill), the (...) Read more

  • Solidarity with refugee women and girls!

    Solidarity with refugee women and girls!

    [Statement of the European Network of Migrant Women, 9 June 2017] On 2-4 June European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW) held their AGM in Athens, hosted by the [Melissa Network-> - a grassroots initiative that works on capacity building and empowerment of migrant and refugee women and girls. During our meeting, we also visited a refugee camp.
    “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own” ― (...) Read more

  • NGOs in Hungary: We’re here to stay and to continue our work

    NGOs in Hungary: We're here to stay and to continue our work

    [Budapest, statement via our members in Hungary, 14 June 2017] Yesterday, after two postponed votes, the Hungarian Parliament adopted the Law on the Transparency of Foreign Funded Organisations. The community of civil society organisations united in the Civilizáció campaign continue to believe that the law is unnecessary, stigmatising and harmful.
    Unnecessary, because Hungarian civil society organisations are already transparent in their operations, provide accurate information about their (...) Read more

  • Croatia: attacks on women’s rights, annual anti-abortion mass protests

    Croatia: attacks on women's rights, annual anti-abortion mass protests

    [Zagreb, Message from our members, 26 May 2017] On Saturday, 20 May was held second annual ‘March for life’ in Croatia, in fact a mass anti abortion protest in two major cities (Zagreb[1] and Split[2]) following a landmark ruling by the Constitutional Court which rejects calls to ban the procedure. 10,000 to 15,000 protesters in Zagreb carried banners such as “Chose life” and “Life is always a Gift”, sang religious songs as well as songs one openly ultranationalist Croatian singer (Marko (...) Read more

  • Les féministes interpellent le Président Macron: "Où est l’argent et les politiques pour les droits des femmes?"

    Les féministes interpellent le Président Macron: "Où est l'argent et les politiques pour les droits des femmes?"

    [12 mai 2017, Blog sur] Associations, collectifs, fédérations, institutions et universitaires engagés pour l’égalité femmes-hommes interpellent Emmanuel Macron pour que les moyens accordés à ce combat soit à la hauteur. «L’existence de politiques concrètes et transversales visant à l’égalité FH dans tous les secteurs de la société et donc tous les ministères, est essentielle. Mais cette transversalité ne peut être animée sans un Ministère spécifique avec une administration et des délégué.e.s sur (...) Read more

  • Nordic model for Malta?

    Nordic model for Malta?

    [7 May 2017, Press Release by EWL members in Malta] Whilst noting that prostitution in not illegal in Malta, the Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations (MCWO) is against the regularisation of prostitution in Malta as a normal and legitimate business as this will increase the trafficking of women. Instead MCWO proposes that Malta adopts the Nordic Model which: Decriminalises all those who are prostituted and provides support services to help those who want to exit from this trade. (...) Read more

  • Call for solidarity with abused women, farm workers in Ragusa, Italy

    Call for solidarity with abused women, farm workers in Ragusa, Italy

    [19 April 2017, Open Letter from EWL Romanian members. In the Ragusa province, in Italy, thousands of Romanian women who work in greenhouses and fields suffer serious labour and sexual exploitation. These women are working as slaves, they are raped and blackmailed to have sex with the owners of the fields and greenhouses. They work 12 hours per day in extreme heat and with no water and are forced to live in degrading and unsanitary conditions, isolated. Their wages many times are not paid. (...) Read more


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