AGORA young feminist summer school

NEW - AGORA // EWL launches its first young feminist summer school in Brussels

[Brussels, 12 June 2015] During 4 days, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) will set up an AGORA, a young feminist summer school that will take place from 3rd to 6th September 2015 in Brussels, Belgium!

Why a feminist summer school?

The EWL has witnessed a new generation of young feminists rising up, innovating and rebooting the fight for equality! A lot of new organisations, initiatives, and campaigns have been flourishing throughout Europe. A 4th wave on feminism on its way! We see many opportunities to strengthen the connection between these activists across Europe and with EWL itself.

Therefore, as a creative way to bridge this gap and hear the voice of young feminists, we decided to organise the first European Feminist Summer School, which will aim to:

  • Reconnect and reinforce young European women’s activism
  • Set up a creative space for young feminist change agents
  • Build solidarity and empower young feminist activists
  • Work across borders to amplify feminism in Europe and the feminist network
  • Enable the EWL to know more about the interests and needs of young feminists and bring these more into the centre of EWL’s future strategy and actions


  • A space to exchange, to inspire, to rein¬force the skills.
  • The programme will be partly shaped by the participants upstream.
  • It will be hybrid between space for the participants and facilitating by the EWL.
  • Activities: workshops, skills-sharing, expertise….

Are you interested?

  • Are you a feminist woman (self-defined) aged between 18 and 30 years old?
  • Do you have experience in activism related to gender equality/ women’s rights?
  • Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge and skills to build bigger and better campaigns to fight for women’s rights and gender equality?
  • Are you keen to find out more what young feminists are doing to fight inequality across Europe? Do you live in the European Union or EU Candidate countries?
  • Do you want the chance to shape future feminist strategies and campaigns in Europe?
  • Do you have good English language skills? (as the programme will be in English)

We particularly encourage women facing several forms of discrimination (in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, origin, religion etc) to apply!

Based on the inputs received by the participants in the application process, we will identify the main expectations and needs of participants: what they expect from this programme and what they can bring. We will co-create the final programme together with participants to ensure that it is as relevant and exciting as possible.

Deadline for the application: 29 June 2015

If you have any questions contact Julie, who is coordinating this project at

There are only 50 places so: do you want to join?


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