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No abortions available in Luxembourg

(Brussels, 27 August) According to the journalist Thomas Holzer, in a report written in July about the reform of abortion legislation in Luxembourg, started in November 2012, a reform that was intended to simplify the procedures and access to the same, the putting in place of this reform has done anything but simplify the life of women who decide to have abortions in Luxembourg. According to him, one of the stipulations of the new legislation is that only a gynecologist or a certified obstetrician can carry out this procedure, which has caused many headaches for the Luxembourgian Family Planning association. Their reaction has been to simply stop providing abortions for the moment. The only medical doctor who was empowered to carry out these procedures has left the association.

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"It’s a temporary situation, probably to make things advance. Family Planning needs new means", commented the medic in question. From the Family Planning association, they are not taking any questions, explaining that "discussions with the political authority are underway". But what of the young women who are faced with a difficult and complex situation, on the medical side as well as on the social side? "The Family Planning association will continue, of course, to receive these women. They will then be directed to services available abroad, like in Belgium for example, or to a gynecologist who practices these kinds of operation in Luxembourg", explained the interviewed gynecologist.

The only issue therein, is that it seems very difficult to find a gynecologist who does provide these operations. "The ideal scenario would be to offer these services in hospitals, like in France. In Luxembourg, this isn’t the case. There isn’t either a list of gynecologists who do provide these services either". In 2012, the Family Planning association carried out 600 abortions.

For more information about sexual health rights and freedoms in Luxembourg (in French),click here.

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