Overcoming Discrimination- Selected Strategies Empowering Black, Ethnic Minority and Migrant Women (1999)

This unique project makes visible the diverse and dynamic strategies and
actions empowering black, ethnic minority and migrant women in six
Member States of the European Union. The project fills an important gap
in information, at both the national and European level, on race and gender
issues, and makes a significant contribution to our understanding of
the impact of racist and sexist barriers which prevent the full participation
of black, ethnic minority and migrant women in society.


The commitment of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) to raising the concerns
of black, ethnic minority and migrant women is well-established
and is evidenced by the following; its statutes state a commitment to representing
the interests of the most marginalised groups of women in society;
the commissioning of the first Europe-wide report on the situation
of black and migrant women “Confronting the Fortress – black and migrant
women in the European Union”, published by the European Parliament
in 1995. The EWL also has a permanent working group on race and
gender issues, one of only two, set up in 1991, which has been instrumental
in the development of this project.

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