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Parliament’s women’s rights committee adopts draft resolution to eliminate gender stereotypes in the EU

[Brussels, 13 November 2012] The European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) has urged the European Union to work towards the elimination of gender stereotypes. The draft resolution adopted on 06 November states that EU programmes should play a role in eliminating gender stereotypes, especially in the workplace where decision-making positions continue to be dominated by men.

“There are still many gender stereotypes that lead to inequalities between men and women. The way the Commission is developing new policies is only widening the gender gap. For example, new pension policies disadvantage women disproportionately”, said rapporteur Kartika Liotard (GUE/NGL, Netherlands).

Use EU programmes

Gender stereotypes, which persist in the labour market, limit women’s access to certain sectors such as engineering and men to certain sectors, such as childcare, according to the draft resolution.

The Women’s Rights Committee therefore calls on the European Commission and the member states to use EU programmes, such as the European Social Fund, to help boost the participation of women in fields of study and professions where they are under-represented.


The draft resolution points out that advertising can challenge stereotypes and racism, sexism and discrimination. MEPs call on member states to establish independent regulation bodies to monitor the media and advertising industry and impose sanctions on companies and individuals that promote sexualisation of girls.

The resolution is scheduled for a plenary vote in March 2013

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