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[Brussels, 5 January 2018] The European Women’s Lobby reminds you of the #HerNetHerRights Resource Pack and Report on online violence against women and girls.

From April to November 2017, the European Women’s Lobby has led this six-month project that aims at analysing the current state of online violence against women and girls in Europe. In order to raise awareness on the problem, the EWL has brought together diverse actors from across Europe to come up with innovative solutions and policy recommendations to fight this pervasive violation of women’s human rights and create a safer, more inclusive web for all women and girls.

Funded by Google, a set of activities have been carried out in order to stock of the reality of online violence against women and girls in Europe. Adriane van der Wilk and Marianne Niosi, consultants, under the coordination and input of Pierrette Pape, European Women’s Lobby Policy and Campaigns Director, have been conducting the project activities and the research drawing from the expertise and contributions from EWL members, EWL Observatory experts and various key stakeholders.

In Europe, 9 million girls have experienced some kind of cyber violence by the time they are 15 years old. The gendered nature of online violence deserves to be addressed in research, policy and prevention.

EWL’s Resource Pack aims to shine a feminist light on the world of data and technology and to offer ideas to help improve the situation :

  • An Executive Summary of the #HerNetHerRights report which gives a complete overview of the knowledge on online violence;
  • Its recommendations speak to policy makers and feminist activists;
  • The Activist’s toolkit reviews all the resources available for women to feel fully empowered and protected in their use of the Internet;
  • 12 illustrated vignettes with the profiles of the most common types of online abusers.

Find the ONLINE Resource Pack here.
Find the FULL #HerNetHerRights Report here.

Online violence against women and girls is part of the continuum of violence against women and girls. We must acknowledge its existence and fight against it, because its effects on women - from psychological to economical - are far-reaching.

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