Working with men

Research and studies on prostitute-users

targeting the sex buyer small Targeting the sexbuyer. The Swedish example: stopping prostitution and trafficking where it all begins, Katja Claude, 2010


Tackling the demand that fosteres human trafficking, USAID, 2011

Les clients de la prostitution, l’enquête, Claudine Legardinier and Saïd Bouamama, 2006

Les clients en question. Étude sociologique & Enquête d’opinion publique, 2004

L’homme en question. Le processus du devenir-client de la prostitution, Saïd Bouamama, 2004

Men who buy sex, Melissa Farley, Julie Bindel and Jacqueline M. Golding, 2009

’It’s just like going to the supermarket’: Men buyying sex in East London, Maddy Coy, Miranda Horvath, Liz Kelly, CWASU, 2007

The practices of male “clients” of prostitution: influences
and orientations for social work
, By Sven-Axel Månsson, Gothenburg University, 2003

Challenging Men’s Demand for Prostitution in Scotland, Jan Macleod, Melissa Farley, Lynn Anderson, and Jacqueline Golding, 2008

Attitudes and Social Characteristics of Men Who Buy Sex
in Scotland
, Melissa Farley, Jan Macleod, Lynn Anderson, and Jacqueline M. Golding, 2011

The Demand for Victims of Sex Trafficking, Donna M. Hughes, 2005

Primer on the male demand for prostitution, CATW, 2006

A Thorn in the Heart: Cambodian Men who Buy Sex, Melissa Farley, Wendy Freed, Kien Serey Phal, Jacqueline Golding, 2012

Comparing Sex Buyers With Men Who Don’t Buy Sex, Melissa Farley, Emily Schuckman, Jacqueline M. Golding, Kristen Houser, Laura Jarrett, Peter Qualliotine, Michele Decker, 2011

Read Newsweek Magazine’s article about the study here in English and here in French.

couv sex buyers melissa farley 2011

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