Rising against the sexual exploitation of women & girls #1BillionRising

[Brussels, 15 February 2017] On Tuesday 14 February, the EWL and its members from all over Europe rose to say no to the sexual exploitation of women and girls!
Find everything about the action here! You can still rise!

The 5th edition of One Billion Rising will be an opportunity to express our demands to see a world free from sexual exploitation and prostitution, from male violence and oppression. We will rise everywhere, through different actions: dance, demonstration, events... The EWL will launch a social media action, with strong messages on home-made visuals!! A way to celebrate women’s creativity, strength solidarity and togetherness!

EWL social media messages are based on visuals created by EWL staff members during an artistic workshop held in Brussels. Please download them below and share them on facebook on Tuesday 14 February, using the hashtags #1BillionRising, #RiseInSolidarity, #EndDemand, #ListenToSurvivors, #Youth4Abolition, #StopSexualExploitation.

From words to action and art! EWL home-made visuals

In order to prepare the visual social media action, we decided to create ourselves the visuals and messages for the social media action, so that women’s creativity is fostered (instead of a traditional social media visual made out of typical internet pictures/icons…). We organised an artistic workshop and convened an online brainstorming session on messaging around the topic of “solidarity against exploitation of women”.

The artistic workshop took place on 24 January in Brussels, with EWL staff members. After we all expressed our vision of solidarity and of sexual exploitation, we started transforming our feelings into art, using OBR logo as inspiration, as well as the recent global developments (the women’s marches on 20-21 January). The outcomes show: women’s creativity, diversity and colors, togetherness, strength and readiness for action!

We also wanted to design our own slogans, and asked the EWL network of young people Youth 4 Abolition to come up with hashtags and slogans. Youth 4 Abolition is a European-wide network of youth organisations dedicated to tackling prostitution and sexual exploitation. We believe that the voice of young people needs to be heard on the issue of prostitution, as the legislative choices made by governments on prostitution have an impact on the values and the society we want, and specifically directly on young people, on their ability to choose not to be in prostitution and to live a decent life; we believe young people should be part of the conversation towards a world free from prostitution and sexual exploitation.

Visuals for EWL social media action on 14 February - OBR 2017

Download and use the following visuals!

As you can see, some have free space for you to add your messages and/or logo.
Some have the logo of the Brussels’ Call, the European coalition campaigning for the Nordic Model on prostitution. So use the visuals according to what best suits you, whether or not you are a member of the Brussels’ Call and/or Youth4Abolition, whether you prefer to create your own messages. Some are in French too!

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