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Serbia - National Olympic Committee takes stock of EWL demands for equality in sport

[Brussels, 23 July 2012] The EWL’s call for equality in the framework of the Olympic Games was this week presented to the President of the Commission “Women and Sport” of the Serbian Olympic Committee Milena Reljin Tati?, thanks to Dragana Petrovic and Lola Milojevic.

Dragana Petrovic, former Vice President of the Gender Equality Council and gender expert, and Lola Milojevic, gender expert as well as sport activist and expert, informed Ms. Reljin about the initiative of the EWL for the Olympics in London to achieve gender equality and better treatment of women in sport.

Milena Reljin, President of the Commission “Women and Sport” of the Serbian Olympic Committee (SOC) since 2005, having herself been a world-class athlete in rhythmic gymnastics for more than10 years, also put forward the work of this Commission in order to improve the position of women in sport in Serbia, to promote sports in which women prevail, and also to encourage women to participate more in so-called “men’s sports”. She also spoke of the need to increase the number of women on decision making places in all Serbian sport committees and organisations.

Ms. Reljin thinks that such actions should not be connected only to big sporting events, but should be part of an on-going process. Ms. Reljin asserted that the SOC will support the principles of gender equality and equal opportunities in sport for men and women, and will try to contribute to this process.

Click here to read a short report on work of the Commission Women & Sport in Serbia.

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