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Socialist International Women condemn violence against women in Egypt and Libya

[Brussels, 26 April 2011] On 9 April 2011 the Socialist International Women released a declaration condemning horrific violence committed against women by (ex) government forces in Egypt and Libya. Read the Declaration of Tequesquitengo below.

[Tequesquitengo, Mexico, 9 April 2011] Delegates of socialist, social democratic and labour organisations of the Socialist International women gathered in Tequesquitengo, Mexico, on 9 April 2011, hereby voice their outrage at the violence committed against women in Egypt by the former regime and in Libya by Gaddafi’s forces.

Women participating in demonstrations against the regimes in those countries were arrested, harassed and submitted to shameful, humiliating and degrading treatment, beaten and tortured with electric tasers by law enforcement agents. They were also ordered to undress and had to undergo ’virginity tests’, which were carried out by men in the presence of soldiers, they were accused of being prostitutes and many suffered multiple rape.

We condemn these gross acts of violence against Women’s Human Rights and call on democratic governments to publicly denounce these disgraceful incidents.

We appeal to women’s organisations worldwide to join forces with the Socialist International Women and to speak out for our sisters everywhere.

We express all our solidarity and support with the citizens of the Arab world, women and men, who have been mobilising for democracy and we express our desire that the Arab Spring, initiated by young women and men with only the means of modern technology, can lead to the building of full democracies in all countries of the region, where human rights are respected and equal opportunities are promoted and implemented for women and men in all spheres of life, including political participation.

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