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Sweden - EWL members call on companies to take on purchase of sex on business trips

[Brussels, 07 December 2012] The Sveriges Kvinnolobby on 10 December called on companies to take responsibility if their employees buy sex in connection with business travel.

One third of all Swedes who buy sex do so abroad in connection with business travel. Since 1999 there is a law in Sweden that prohibits prostitution and the purchase of sexual services but the law does not apply outside Swedish boarders and if Swedes purchase sex in other countries. Therefore, EWL members in Sweden are calling on companies to establish ethical guidelines against prostitution and sexual exploitation in order to protect both human rights and their employees. In a new project, the Sveriges Kvinnolobby is working together with a number of Swedish companies, inviting their CSR and HR managers to introduce a ban on sexual exploitation in the companies’ work on sustainability and social responsibility.

Stephanie Thögersen, project manager at the Sveriges Kvinnolobby says:
“For most companies, it is obvious that employees should not have contact with brothels, sex clubs or escort services in connection with business travel. Yet, this is the reality. Therefore, we want to show good examples of how companies don’t accept sexual exploitation and that they are committed to the cause.”

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