Stories of #WomenForEurope

Terry Reintke

"Since I can remember I wanted to change the world. Going into politics seemed like a logical step to do that. However, I never planned to become a politician myself. But in the end I realised that some of the things I want to change will only happen if I sit in a position of power myself. Women can (re)shape power, first of all, by being where the power is. We still see an alarming underrepresentation of women* in all top level decision-making positions. That has to change. Not in another one hundred years, but now. While doing that we should realise the intersections of power and powerlessness. And fight exclusion together. When thinking about my sheroes, women who inspire me, I think of Helen Clark, a politician whose way of doing politics I always appreciated."

In the run-up to the launch of our campaign ’50:50 Women for Europe, Europe for Women’ on June 7, we are publishing stories of women in politics in Europe. Terry Reintke is a Member of the European Parliament, you can follow her on Twitter.

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