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The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice

[Brussels, 3 November 2015] Ahead of COP21 - the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, you can join women of the world and their call for climate justice!

“We do not give up on our beautiful planet. We do not give up on a future for every species. We will never give up on our campaign for climate justice.”

Read here the call in several languages, and find out more about the 6 themes of the call.

November is dedicated to POWER:
"It is time to reclaim our power — in our commons, our governments, our health, our food, our energy, our land, our oceans, and our world. We will showcase the power of collective action, of women and girls, and of peoples’ movements over the power of corporate interests. We will tell the truth about polluting industries and challenge the corporations and governments that are driving climate chaos.
Women of the world will speak truth to power."

On 28 November, 2 days before COP21 starts, women’s organisations are organising an event on ’Feminists for Climate Justice’, in Paris. Read here to find out more.

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