One Billion Rising across Europe

The largest worldwide action ever to eradicate violence against women: thank you, Europe! (3)

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[Brussels, 15 March 2013] One Billion Rising shook the world on 14 February 2013. A month later our travel continues all around Europe to see how EWL’s members took part to the largest mobilisation ever for the eradication of violence against women!

On 14 February 2013 a unique succession of festive events took place across the globe, people dancing and singing with one common aim: showing our refusal to put up with any more violence against women, in any place, any time, or anywhere, showing that we are fed up with it and to demand that it STOP!

Violence against women is one of the most pervasive violations of human rights: it affects one billion women at least once in their lifetime. One billion women is one sixth of humanity, and one third of all women in the world. It is not a joke, these are verifiable UN statistics. "One Billion Women Violated is an Atrocity. One Billion Women Dancing is a Revolution!": from this starting point, "The Vagina Monologues" author Eve Ensler, initiator of V-Day, proposed this worldwide day of festive events, called One Billion Rising, to globally show that this scourge has to finish.

The European Women’s Lobby organised a big event in Brussels: our flash mob rocked to the tune of the specially composed song "Rise Up, Stand Up!", followed by a dance by Cecile Klefstad. More than 800 people gathered in Place de la Monnaie.

All of Europe danced and sang: hundreds of events were organised all over the continent. EWL’s members were very active in rising for the cause! Here are a brief sample of our members’ actions on 14 February 2013 for you to enjoy.


A big event took place in The Mall Of Cyprus (Nicosia): a Flash mob was organized by the European Parliament Office in Cyprus, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, the Creativity Dance Studio and the University of Nicosia. It saw a large participation of women representatives of organizations, MEPs, MPs, politicians and dancers.
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More pics and information here

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic EWL’s members rose in two countries. In Prague a demonstration and flash mob gathered people in the very centre’. Look this video from the Czech Women’s Lobby, V-Day and Hollaback:

Another Flash mob organised by the Czech Women’s Lobby took place in Brno, look at their video below:


Pictures of the event are available here


The French Coordination of the EWL participated to One Billion Rising in partnership with the French V-Day coordinator. Lots of events were organised all throughout the country. In Paris, thousands of people gathered to dance for a Flash mob. Our members were more specifically involved in the event in Brest: watch the video below.

For more information about events in France, you can visit One Billion Rising France Facebook page.


The Italian Coordination of the EWL organised a “Girotondo” in the centre of Rome. A Girotondo is a traditional friendly demonstration in Italy: people gather in one of Rome’s squares and discuss on a specific topic. OBR’s Girotondo gathered many women who collected their thoughts on gender based violence, wrote them down on paper and shared them with other people; they distributed chocolates containing positive messages for the eradication of violence against women and sung together.

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Watch more pictures on the Italian Coordination’s Facebook Page


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In Luxembourg, our members took part in the national Flash mob gathering hundreds of people. Many more photos can be found here

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