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UNESCO: Global Forum on Media and Gender (Bankock, 2 to 4 December 2013)

(Brussels 29 August) UNESCO and partners call for all organizations working in the field of media, journalism, communication and gender and media to express interest in the Global Alliance on Gender and Media. If your organization is an NGO, CBO, association, network, training/academic institution, media organization, regulatory body (such as broadcasting commission) or media self-regulatory body, public or private entity, research institution, UN agencies, national regional and international development agency and your organization is involved in gender and media related activities or gender equality issues, whether online or off line, then this call is relevant to you.

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The first Global Forum on Media and Gender will be organized by UNESCO, UN Women, and media and NGO partners globally in December 2013. This will be an important follow-up to one of the critical areas of concern of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, “Women and the Media Diagnosis”, and its strategic objectives.

The key objective of the Forum will be to form a Global Alliance for Media and Gender. The Forum will foster debate, provide training, encourage the sharing of experiences and host a high level session, which will be informed by the consensus of all stakeholders, and which will design the Global Alliance for the “Women and Media Follow-up” of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

If this applies to you, please fill in the form online here

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