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Where are the women? Volunteer as a Panel Watcher in June!

[Brussels, 11 May 2015] Are you following the @EUPanelWatch twitter account yet? This social media space wants draw attention to the overrepresentation of men on Brussels conferences, panel and debates and contribute to a shift towards more diversity.

@EUPanelWatch monitors the representation of women who, as half the world’s population, also (under-)represent different backgrounds, ages, abilities and orientations and likewise promotes well-represented panels.

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) strongly supports this because as @EUPanelWatch says: uniform panels just aren’t good enough. We need diversity not only in the back rooms working on policy, but also in discussions setting the path for Europe’s future. How can we expect to solve our greatest challenges if we continue to reproduce the same panels and debates?

That is why in June @EUPanelWatch and the EWL are joining forces to organise an in depth Monitoring Month. And we are looking for volunteers to help us out! Are you Brussels-based and also tired of seeing the same people and the same panels? Do you want to make a change by monitoring panels on the spot or from home? Fill in this form and join us for the kick-off meeting on Thursday 21 May 2015 at 17:00.

Monitoring Month June 2015

Engaged individuals covering events across Brussels over a busy calendar month, compiling statistics on ratio of of male-female speakers.

To gather statistics that can help to highlight the continuing disparity between men and women speaking on panels, in the belief that debate at progress is hampered as long as diverse participation is lacking. The data will be used to inform a wider campaign in, planning of which will begin following Monitoring Month.

From Monday 1 June to Friday 26 June 2015.

Kick-off meeting
We will meet at the European Women’s Lobby office to kick-off Monitoring Month on 21.05.2015 at 17:00.

For questions & info please contact Elvira Buijink, EWL Comms & Media Officer at buijink@womenlobby.org // 02 210 04 40

Picture - Conference Bingo which draws up the usual excuses for why women are under (or not) represented.

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