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Women’s Health in the EU (June 2010)

Social and medical research indicates that sex and gender impact differently on women’s and men’s health, access to health and health care. Unequal access to resources coupled with other social factors produce inequitable health risks and access to health information, care, and services for women and men. In addition, biological differences imply that women have particular health concerns and needs, especially related to sexual and reproductive health. Despite this, women’s health needs and gender-related aspects are not fully and consistently integrated into health policies, research and practice at all levels.

In June 2010, the EWL adopted a position paper on women’s health in the EU. This is document is the result of a consultation process of EWL members and presents recommendations for the full integration of women’s needs and situation in all aspects of health policies at national and European level.

The EWL paper looks a the gender dimension of women’s health, it highlights women’s health risks and needs and the particular barriers and inequalities women face, taking into account the specific situation of different groups of women. The position papers argues for the need of a dual approach of specific measures for women and gender mainstreaming in health policies and presents recommendations for the European Union and its members states.


EWL PositionPaper on Women and health EN

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