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Women’s rights organisations in Slovenia mobilise to keep the right to free contraceptives

[Ljubljana, Statetement of EWL Slovenian members, 15 September 2016] Today, the Executive Committee of the Public Health Insurance in Slovenia did not go on with their proposal to end full coverage of hormonal contraceptives and make women to have to pay these treatments from their own pockets. This decision has been momentarily withdrawn after a big mobilisation of women’s rights organisations in Slovenia.

In only six days, the Women’s Lobby of Slovenia sent a public appeal to the national decision makers, gathered more than 7300 signatures from individuals, got the support of 42 civil society organisations and 5 parliamentary parties, alerted the public via crucial mainstream media, organised a protest in font of the headquarters of the Insurance, and last but not least. We got precious support from the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) in Brussels as well as well as from many national and big EU wide organisations, and EWL members across the EU! Our fights are your fights! We warmly thank our sisters in Europe for making this clear to the decision makers in Slovenia.

Slovenia protest free contraceptives

Now the Executive Committee of the Public Health Insurance in Slovenia wants to have a public discussion on the issue. The Slovenian Women’s Lobby will stand against it. The only arguments we have heard from the experts of the Insurance were that the coffers were empty and that the pharmaceutical industry needs to be forced to cut its inflated prices of the best contraceptives. From our point of view, no public discussion is needed on the issue as it already counts with the highest political consensus possible. The right on freedom of choice and the duty of the state to make the enjoyment of this right effective is a constitutional right in Slovenia since 1974! We will not give it up under the pretext that we need to save some money for the new pharmaceuticals for "really heavy diseases".

Freedom of choice is not a disease, it is a crucial women’s human right. Universal access to the most suitable contraceptives is a meaningful investment in public heath, in reproductive health of the whole nation. Active women in Slovenia will do what it takes that the system is maintained this way.

Thank you again to all our dear sisters in Europe. There is no words to tell you, how much your prompt support meant to us, all, united feminists and our male supporters
Thank you a million times!

Dear EWL members, we all ask for a feminist Europe. This is the way to build it!

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