Reports magnifying glass simple EWL in-depth analysis reports provide a solid basis for policy advocacy on gender equality in Europe.

  • Annual report 2004

    The Voice of Women in Europe
    One of the highlights of the year and a cause for celebration for EWL was the welcoming of six national co-ordinations from the new Member States and the Turkish national co-ordination into full membership. These new members bring fresh energy and new perspectives to our work and represent
    a combined strength, which we will call on in the near future to bring about more wide-ranging and quicker action for gender equality throughout (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2003

    As I look back on the achievements of the European Women’s Lobby in 2003, I am
    struck by the sheer dedication and determination of all of the members of EWL
    and of the Secretariat in moving forward the agenda of equality between women
    and men in Europe. During 2003 we extended our network to reach hundreds of
    women’s non-governmental organisations in the accession countries, welcoming
    three new national co-ordinations into membership of EWL from Hungary,
    Latvia, Bulgaria. We began a major (...) Read more

  • Gender Budgeting - An Overview by the EWL (2004)

    In all societies, access to resources, rights and power are still unequally distributed between women and men. In almost all areas of life, this unequal distribution of wealth, power and quality of life is more favourable to men than to women. Less than 2% of all land is owned by women, the average percentage of women in parliaments across the world is 14.5%, and women on average earn 73% of men’s hourly earnings for the same job with the same qualifications in the EU.
    All public policies (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2002

    Women Shaping the Future of Europe
    The Annual Report of the European Women’s Lobby
    (EWL) for 2002 is being prepared at a time of deepening
    global crisis, with the threat of war looming ever larger.
    The General Assembly of EWL, meeting in September
    2002, unanimously agreed a Declaration Against War
    which has since been signed by over 100 women’s organisations.
    In this Declaration, we call on the governments
    of Europe to pursue all avenues to reach a peaceful resolution.
    We point out that (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2001

    The sphere of activity of the
    European Women’s Lobby (EWL)
    has widened considerably since the
    strategy on gender mainstreaming
    was explicitly endorsed by the Beijing Platform for
    Action in 1995 and adopted as a guiding principle
    by the European institutions, following the Treaty of
    Amsterdam (1999). Read more

  • Strengthening Women’s Rights in a Multicultural Europe (2001)

    The issue of racism and gender discrimination is a priority in the EWL’s work for
    2001, as we believe that within the overall fight against racism, there is a need
    for targeted and specific measures for women. The UN World Conference Against
    Racism (WCAR), which will be held in South Africa in September 2001, gives rise
    to important discussions and debates, in which the EWL has a key role to play
    to ensure that the gender dimension is included in the discussions and that
    actions are taken at (...) Read more

  • Young Women’s Guide to Equality in Europe (2001)

    Relationships between women and men, young women in education,
    employment, health, violence, the media, decision-making and European
    legislation on equality between women and men : these are the themes that
    young European women have chosen to analyse in this guide. The aim is to
    highlight where progress has been made towards equality between women
    and men in Europe and to identify how the European Union can contribute
    to further progress.
    From October 1999 to June 2001, the EWL led the (...) Read more

  • Annual report 2000

    Ten years of Activism for Gender Equality
    The EWL is ten years old. This is therefore a wonderful
    opportunity to review our past activities and
    highlight our successes as well as to outline the
    challenges and opportunities ahead. In this special
    anniversary issue of the newsletter, the founders
    and those who have been active in the development
    of EWL have reviewed many of the key moments in
    our history. Of particular importance is the development
    of two policy centres, the European Policy (...) Read more

  • Towards a common European framework to monitor progress in combating violence against women (2001)

    This report was produced with the input of the collective experience of the EWL Observatory on Violence against Women experts. The aim of the publication is to provide a resource to establish a framework to monitor progress on combating male violence against women in the European Union, with the specific objective of, on the one hand, ascertaining what progress has been made in addressing violence against women at national and European level and, on the other hand, monitoring the outcomes (...) Read more

  • Unveiling the Hidden Data on Domestic Violence in the EU

    There is not one single country in the world where women are free from violence. There is not one single area in any woman’s life where she is not exposed to the threat or actual acts of violence against her. Violence against women knows no geographical boundary, no age limit, no class distinction, no race, no cultural difference and manifests itself in many different ways.
    “On ne naît pas femme, on le devient”. “You are not born a woman, you become one”, according to Simone de Beauvoir. The (...) Read more


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